Harvest IPA is here again

Harvest IPAIt's that time of year again, the time when hops are ready to harvest, and brewers get to make beer with fresh hops instead of dried hops. This year's Harvest IPA is smooth and malty, with a fresh hop finish from twenty-five pounds of locally grown organic cascade hops added. This massive dose of finishing hops allows all of the flavor and aroma of the hops to infuse in the beer, while keeping the bitterness in check.

Tim used these hops in a fashion called a hop-back, which allows the finished beer to flow over the hops, soaking them with beer, and steeping the hops in freshly brewed beer. This keeps the bitterness of the hops from entering the beer, and only the delicate flavor and aroma is infused.

For more information about this year's Harvest IPA, download our Harvest IPA flyer.

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